My Inspiration


Original Photography by Y. Shabazz

My inspiration is you,

for all the days of rain when I patiently waited for sun.

Or when the last resort was to pack up and run, afraid to say it then…

But my inspiration is you.

My inspiration was you when bars were my walls, and tears were my rest,

the world on my back, and hate on my chest,

My inspiration was you.

On cold nights and long days, when a heart breaks and minds stray,

when the world’s wave washed my love away,

My inspiration was you.

Even when you need, and want, and cry, and laugh,

and when the whole world seems to leave you last,

Look inside because…

My inspiration is you.


Prison Observations (Young Black Male 9/24/04)


Original Painting by Y. Shabazz

I can see it in his youthful eyes

a vacant stare, a violent glare

An air of ignorance and fear

He’s embracing the lowest rung

afraid to climb higher

he can’t express what he feels

at least not with words

so he speaks with stares, glares, and fist

his limited vocabulary binds his wrist

as he stands bound…

I can see his youthful eyes

watching death approach with that same

vacant stare…

Colored, Negro, Refugee


Colored Negro Refugee…




Our nation tis inside of thee

Holocaust lives alive and free

Many means come death to me

Harsh the word that dee-fine me

Colored Negro Refugee

Slave for you and never free

Colored Negro Refugee

African you rape from me

Implant your hate for Black in me

We work for low, we work for free

Colored Negro Refugee

We cried for help from roof for thee

You give your hand across the sea

There’s no place safe right here for me

The Colored Negro Refugee