Wandering after death (By Y. Shabazz)

Never thought I would ask myself in a quiet moment this question
The question that those on the brink only ask in desperation
They ask with fear and hesitation…
Their question only heard by the winds, their own ears, and their hearts
I wonder if those around them felt their contemplation
Or did they continue to apply pressure with ignorance
thinking their contribution to be a pain made ordinary by consistency
…as did I…
I wonder what death would be like?
will I cruise away from this world quietly on a cool breeze
will the pain of separation bring me to my knees
The stress of this world is enough to send the most powerful beings among us
to contemplate their eternal souls
hungrily seeking to satisfy the now,
while the young see themselves absolutely immortal
…as did I…
but age and wisdom clears the fog of ignorance and bliss
and the realization becomes clear
…I was not put here to stay…
And what of those that are left behind?
will they know me the way that I wished
Or will they twist and contort reality creating misguided remembrances of what was
will they wish that I had more time to experience the world
…as did I…



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