This unbelievable journey of mine (2003)


This unbelievable journey of mine has taken me to places I should never forget.
Wood lined winding roads lead to tents covered by Georgia sun, all glowing,
anxious with my government gun.
A youth with virgin eyes and ears, open to the breeze of other negro losses,
closed to the legacy of my own brown skin.
betrayed by my so-called uncle with dreams of red, white, and blue picket fences,
white washes, houses on hills, and burial plots in the sea of unknowns.
The benefits don’t benefit my need to be independent of the plantation lined streets of the melting pot that stole my spice,
my oils, my wind, and my fire.
Your nephew I’m not,
maybe a victim…
Of your Georgia sun all glowing and anxious, virgin eyes and ears raped under the barrel of your government gun,
with the breeze of negro losses blowing on unknown graves,
with my brown skin lost for your granddaddies slaves.
This unbelievable journey of mine has made me furious over time,
and the boil has calmed a little bit…
but this journey of mine I should never forget.


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