Slaughter of the Innocents (A Chicago minute)


Not easy to break something broken A city cursed with the plague of blood-Lust, Hunger-pains, and Raging-fires

No-gains Momma-tears Gang-signs Steel-toys
Chevy bubbles and dick boys

Ordinary pains
98.6 degrees burns the evidence to ash so you never
know what really happened here
Nobody from the outside really knows
Lil babies born and die the same day
…buried in the sea of factory made bastards and our voices scream pain with no words
language understood but hardly to fluency
so we maneuver and twist in the face of the icy winds
And off in the distance Strange fruit is plucked viciously from concrete trees Long tee’s and dragging denim catches the blame, but are they really players in this old game?
The fruit pickers grin with blue shields and long swords
slicing the young fruits as the approach maturity
some get missed
slated to only fall to the ground
yet still sweet
but too rotten to be acceptable to those above
and even those are smashed, soil mixed under the heel of the harvester
We have to ponder
…What a way to go…
you know
Being born a beautiful fruit in this wretched garden
A place where short memories are in abundance
deep pockets filled with denial
…yet we remain…

All in the shadow of mountains man made strips of green sprinkled down from the rooftops downtown
Like two beacons atop a mountain of gold
ever present floating amongst the clouds
yet untouchable are the bastions that hold those coins…
Why here?
Why did they flee to this wretched soil?
Why us?
Why we?
We the American untouchables expected to feel blessed
expected to proclaim patriotism and recite battle hymns to our young
expect to remain non-violent while the police continue to pluck us from the trees
just as the strange fruit were picked by their fathers a generation ago
they remain resolute and strong


4 thoughts on “Slaughter of the Innocents (A Chicago minute)

    1. I have a plan to start adding more to my blog….I’ve had a tendency to write on Evernote and ignore my blog….I think its time to really get to writing….#respect….thanks for the follow 🙂

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  1. I’m floored at the horror so well depicted. I’m sickened by the truth. I watch in disbelief as murderers walk away. I know our legislators continue to allow munitions of combat to be produced and spread to the street. They use this as an excuse to murder black men – they are “afraid for their lives” is the lie on their lips and the blood on their hands gets a WHITE wash every time a murdering cop is even brought to any sort of trial. I’m disgusted. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and know – America is an ideal – this has no place in it. There are more of us than them – but they have the money and wield the power. Revolution can happen w/o killing. We have power in our joining and our vote. We must work to change the system by forcing election reform. We have no say on who runs for either of our two parties. They all get together – pick their own and we choose between bad and worse. It has to end as does the manufacture of semi and automatic weapons. Thank you for your work on this front.


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