Auntie (We really just got to know the meaning) By Y. Shabazz

                We can’t lose another Auntie We really just got to know the meaning Blessed to have them to ourselves even for a moment A smile, a hug, a gentle kiss on the forehead to remind... They give us our grandmother in spite of the inevitable They give … Continue reading Auntie (We really just got to know the meaning) By Y. Shabazz


The Day

The Warrior's Pen


Quietly mourn the death of yesterday
heart beating, mind racing
Sprinting towards the birth of a new day
Only to ravage it beyond contentment
Bellies full
becoming stuffed wide while never experiencing its full flavor
This is what we have become
This callous
This cold
This empty…
So empty that we witness the birth of a new day
refusing to show grace
refusing to pause…
even for a moment
To savor…

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Calm (By Y. Shabazz)

The sands beneath my feet, the sun upon my face. The clouds above my crown, drifting out into space.   The winds against my breath, cool off with water spray. The never-ending horizon, inhale…another day.   The sun is gone adrift, the moon will take its spot. I learn to live the now, and love … Continue reading Calm (By Y. Shabazz)


Another Chicago Moment (79th Street in the morning)

Early morning on 79th street Watching the sun spill gentle down gangways Through the treetops Gently it spills... And for a moment, just for a solitary moment Serinity lives here among us. You see, we know peace too, we know love, Grace, soul, and spirit But the hunger pangs sometimes get the babies... They get … Continue reading Another Chicago Moment (79th Street in the morning)


Abstract Motherland

An abstract oil painting can be a lot more than just wall art. Ya'qub Shabazz gives us a taste of West Africa with this, the first in a series of African Mask oil paintings.Title: Abstract Motherland Size: 24" x 36" Condition: Excellent Brand new Type: Original Oil Painting on wrapped canvas This painting will have … Continue reading Abstract Motherland


Still Strange Fruit…(Never Forget)

They shoot me dead When they see my face They shoot me dead when I forget my "place" They shoot me dead When there is no sound They shoot me dead When I'm on the ground They shot me dead Whether young or old They shoot me dead to sadden my soul They shoot me … Continue reading Still Strange Fruit…(Never Forget)


To embrace our space…

The city is alive with life. Blacks grin in the sun through the hot winds and rains happiness grows unique in hells fire but there is relief, relief to smile, relief to laugh, to scream, embrace our space. THIS IS OUR CITY!!! And we don’t own, but who cares we give the city color, we … Continue reading To embrace our space…