Acirema em…..(post holocaust)

Acirema em barely alive in a post holocaust haze
Post holocaust African
Aushwitz, Alabama
Bombs over Birmingham
Schindler set up shop in Chicago
and steam billows to the heavens (hallelujah!)
while steel cools amidst the smoldering souls
And in high places!!!!
Ah yes, those distant high places…
smoldering still, we eagerly await a benevolent cool hand reaching from above
to save us…
That hand never arrived
and us stood looking high with vaseline shined faces (glowing)
smiling with genuine care for the issues that make life worth living in the first place
we stayed that way
and we stay that way
this is our lot
that is until death calls us to find rest
Acirema em



Colorful Journey

Existing in a world surrounded by beautiful noise
the voices of youth laugh unfiltered and unashamed
faces brown, light brown, high yellow, and bruised
all shine with petroleum jelly accentuated by African memories
touching, pushing, grabbing
we are all on this journey trying to find something to feel
such beautiful noise
mama’s yawn loud and unfiltered
exhausted from a lifetime of raising seeds from dead level
…to life…
only to see them return to the soil wilted under the power
the power of the unrelenting sun


Black Pearl


For so many years I have beheld,

a flawless pear outside of it’s shell.


Priceless you are, indeed unique,

alone in a strand so full of mystique.


I’m afraid to touch you, my heart is in fear,

but your irresistible glimmer always keeps me near.


At last you are mine, I’ll give you the world,

you are simply beautiful, my treasured black pearl.




They told me that,
that’s just the way it goes.
My life at the end of a barrel,
or in a cell, or coke up my nose…
That’s just the way it goes.
An ongoing cycle of nothingness,
building loss on a foundation of loss.
Everything goes,
and nothing good comes from my world…
They told me that,
and that’s just the way it is.