Still Strange Fruit…(Never Forget)

They shoot me dead When they see my face They shoot me dead when I forget my "place" They shoot me dead When there is no sound They shoot me dead When I'm on the ground They shot me dead Whether young or old They shoot me dead to sadden my soul They shoot me … Continue reading Still Strange Fruit…(Never Forget)


Acirema em…..(post holocaust)

Acirema em barely alive in a post holocaust haze Post holocaust African Aushwitz, Alabama Bombs over Birmingham Schindler set up shop in Chicago and steam billows to the heavens (hallelujah!) while steel cools amidst the smoldering souls And in high places!!!! Ah yes, those distant high places… smoldering still, we eagerly await a benevolent cool hand reaching from … Continue reading Acirema em…..(post holocaust)

Colored, Negro, Refugee

Colored Negro Refugee... Colored Negro Refugee Our nation tis inside of thee Holocaust lives alive and free Many means come death to me Harsh the word that dee-fine me Colored Negro Refugee Slave for you and never free Colored Negro Refugee African you rape from me Implant your hate for Black in me We work … Continue reading Colored, Negro, Refugee