Still Strange Fruit…(Never Forget)

They shoot me dead When they see my face They shoot me dead when I forget my "place" They shoot me dead When there is no sound They shoot me dead When I'm on the ground They shot me dead Whether young or old They shoot me dead to sadden my soul They shoot me … Continue reading Still Strange Fruit…(Never Forget)


To embrace our space…

The city is alive with life. Blacks grin in the sun through the hot winds and rains happiness grows unique in hells fire but there is relief, relief to smile, relief to laugh, to scream, embrace our space. THIS IS OUR CITY!!! And we don’t own, but who cares we give the city color, we … Continue reading To embrace our space…

Dear Dad (1999)

Dear Dad, this is your son, you know the one that you refuse. Mistakes you made are the price I paid, no love, only the blues.   I waited for you throughout my youth, you never made a call. No birthdays, no time, not one lousy dime, I never knew you at all.