Soon the day (Excerpt)



How did you get here?


How did you get here?
A sinister plot unfolded at my expense
Willie Lynch fantasies left me in suspense
Tosses and turns, waves crashed, salty burn
death reeks while souls die, stomachs churn

Why didn’t you leave?
Iron bars and mingled blood have strengthened my ties
a sick misplaced love manipulated by lies
Intertwined tribes, hand cuffed lies and resistance
And no conceivable way to achieve the distance


Colorful Journey

Existing in a world surrounded by beautiful noise
the voices of youth laugh unfiltered and unashamed
faces brown, light brown, high yellow, and bruised
all shine with petroleum jelly accentuated by African memories
touching, pushing, grabbing
we are all on this journey trying to find something to feel
such beautiful noise
mama’s yawn loud and unfiltered
exhausted from a lifetime of raising seeds from dead level
…to life…
only to see them return to the soil wilted under the power
the power of the unrelenting sun