Another Chicago Moment (79th Street in the morning)

Early morning on 79th street Watching the sun spill gentle down gangways Through the treetops Gently it spills... And for a moment, just for a solitary moment Serinity lives here among us. You see, we know peace too, we know love, Grace, soul, and spirit But the hunger pangs sometimes get the babies... They get … Continue reading Another Chicago Moment (79th Street in the morning)


Abstract Motherland

An abstract oil painting can be a lot more than just wall art. Ya'qub Shabazz gives us a taste of West Africa with this, the first in a series of African Mask oil paintings.Title: Abstract Motherland Size: 24" x 36" Condition: Excellent Brand new Type: Original Oil Painting on wrapped canvas This painting will have … Continue reading Abstract Motherland

Still Wearing The Mask (Excerpt)

We grin when we hear our spirit manufactured for pleasures sake We even find ourselves moving shamelessly according to these false vibrations seeking something familiar, something.....true Yet you still look upon us an uncouth while we shimmer, pop, lock, and dance to shake away the pain we sing to empty our ¬†lungs so that the … Continue reading Still Wearing The Mask (Excerpt)